About us

Naturskyddsföreningen Malmö

SSNC Malmo is not only the province’s largest city, but also the city with the most members in Skåne; in March 2015 we got over 4000 members. The circuit turned 40 in 2014, and is just like other local circuits an independent entity from the SSNC national organization. Decisions and management of the circuit board for the economy is that elected every year at the meeting in March.

What do we do?

We work with shops to apply increased knowledge and awareness of organic food among both customers and store personnel, go to Falsterbo and bird-watching, holding workshops on chemicals, organizes guided tours down into the quarry, and the interesting companies in the region. And then some. We hold 10-30 events each year, as around 100 people committed to volunteer work in. The board, elected at the annual meeting each year, we are currently 9 people.
All active in the Society for Nature Conservation in Malmö working entirely voluntary. We usually seen a few times a month in various types of meetings. Since we do not have a permanent office (but are interested in – then you tip email us) so it becomes sometimes at each other, sometimes in the Study Promotion and sometimes at a nice café. We discuss everything from climate change negotiations to creative campaigns locally in town, and which one is the best eco-restaurant of them all. We are also a referral body in different local environmental issues.


The board

The board for 2016-2017 was elected at the annual general meeting 2016-03-20.

Chairman: Jessica Larsson.  Jessica Larsson
Vice chairman: Charlotte Hansson. Charlotte Hansson
Second vice chairman: Birk Andersson.


 Birk Andersson
Secretary: Jonna Nilsdotter.


Treasurer: Jennifer Cronborn.


 Jennifer Cronborn, ordförande i Naturskyddsföreningen Malmö
Member: Sverker Wadén.
Member: Lotte Sigurd.
Deputy: Adam Bahr.

Other central roles

Election committee: Fredrik Vrang
Election committee: Lutfi Zuta
Accountant: KPMG Malmö